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Welcome to Oraizon. The company of, by and for
elite Oracle Applications Consultants

The Oracle Applications ERP is a complex product, comprising more than eighty full fledged modules, which cannot be completely mastered by any single individual in many lifetimes. They handle almost every aspect of a company's generic functions ranging from Human Resources, Inventory, Discrete/Flow/Process Manufacturing, MRP, Purchasing, Order Management, Accounts Receivables/Payable, CRM, Supply Chain Planning; to specialized vertical industry applications like Pharmaceutical Clinicals.

The ERP package as a whole has evolved over time to keep pace with advances in technology and business processes. It has morphed into its current lean mean internet E*business suite form, having evolved through mainframe character-mode and GUI client-server phases, while still retaining certain core strength characteristics of yesteryear.

To compound matters, the suite is a confluence of many complementary software technologies such as RDBMS, C, Java, HTML, XML, Web Server, Portal, Component/Container and proprietary RAD tools. This is in keeping with Oracle's vision of incorporating the latest best of breed software technologies and design paradigms.

There are also two distinct aspects of implementing an Oracle Applications ERP solution. The functional and the technical. The product is fully operational with minimal functional configuration set-ups in vanilla implementations. It can also be highly customized with programmatic extensions.

Exposure to this wide spectrum of responsibilities along with direct customer interaction, makes the experienced Oracle Applications Consultant a versatile and exceptional resource, who juggles technical and business expertise to provide solutions, which satisfy diverse and sophisticated requirements.

Oraizon shines the spotlight on Oracle Applications Consultants in recognition of their unique capabilities and strives to set them apart from the rest.


  • PEOPLE FRIENDLY NATURE. We make sure our consultants have a pleasantly helpful demeanor and deliberately simplify/downplay system complexity, to increase user confidence and participation in the implementation process.

  • HANDS-ON IMPLEMENTATION EXPERIENCE. Of paramount importance is at least 5 years of ERP experience, with around a decade in the software industry and impeccable references. Expertise in a minimum of 3 ERP modules is an absolute must.

  • CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONALISM. We place a very high premium on honesty and ethical behavior and require our consultants to place the client's interest above all else.

  • TEAM PLAYERS. Encouraged to build synergies at the work place and leverage the knowledge base of our networked ERP professionals.






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